B2B Online Lead Generation & Digital Sales

B2B Online Lead Generation & Digital Sales

B2B Online Lead Generation & Digital Sales


Contract manufacturer Baumfolder faced significant changes in their market space and had noticed potential and existing customers were doing more and more online research before contacting a sales rep. With a goal of sustainable growth in several product lines, the company wanted to elevate their digital approach to marketing and sales.


After extensive research and development of multiple company profiles and personas, a digital marketing strategy was outlined with a practical, no-nonsense approach that included:

  • Development of inbound sales processes based on the buyer’s journey for each product line.
  • Selection, customization and implementation of a CRM, as well as training of sales team members.
  • Development of a LinkedIn social prospecting process to support the sales team in building relationships with prospective leads.
  • The launch of a performance-based website that includes a sales funnel approach, calls to action, on-site forms and data collection tools.
  • Development of a content strategy that includes in-house expert white papers and lead capturing landing pages.
  • Ongoing user and SEO-based real-time website changes to elicit higher conversions.
  • Establishment of an automated marketing platform to help improve the effectiveness and productivity of limited in-house support staff.


  • Within 1 week of their new website launching, Baumfolder Corporation obtained 12 new leads through their website forms: Contact Form, Request for Information, Request for a Quote, and Email Newsletter Sign Up
  • Baumfolder immediately received positive feedback on the website design and user experience from vendors, existing customers, and potential customers.
  • Within 2 weeks, the average time spent on each page had climbed by 16%.
  • Heatmaps were immediately installed on the site, allowing for comprehensive data collection continually to improve user experience and prevent conversion impediments.
  • Integrated marketing & sales systems created unification of common goals  to increase efficiency among sales and marketing staff.

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