We partner with businesses to help them surpass their goals.

From the first time we meet, our primary objective is to develop a deep understanding of your business. We want to share your vision. Once we know how your business works, we will work with you to build a comprehensive strategic plan to attain, sustain, and surpass your business goals.

Relationship Building

Inbound Digital Marketing is a system that attracts customers to you. By consistently presenting them with content that is precisely tailored to their needs and desires, you gain greater authority, build trust, and become a valuable resource.

Proactively providing them with practical advice and information keeps you in the top of their mind, so that when it is time to buy, they will be naturally drawn to you. Once we have gotten their attention, we keep them engaged with compelling, informative content as they progress through the decision-making process. This is how inbound digital marketing works.

Commitment & Perseverance

Each of our team members is fully committed to achieving optimal results for you. Our diverse blend of enthusiastic business professionals shares a passion for innovation and learning. The team possesses extraordinary knowledge and experience that encompasses every aspect of business – operations, sales, marketing, design, analytics, web development, and industry-specific expertise as well. We are not satisfied until your business objectives have been met.

Guiding Principles

In addition to skills and knowledge that enable us to deliver exceptional value, our team lives by a set of guiding principles, that enrich our relationships with each other and with our clients. In summary, we strive to be:

  • Relentless in delivering continuous growth and increasing results for our clients
  • Respectful toward people, places and things
  • Enthusiastic in sustaining a positive attitude and approach in everything that we do
  • Simplicity perfected by maximum efficiency and optimal performance

Build. Measure. Learn.

To demonstrate our commitment to consistently delivering the best possible results for our clients, Marketing Essentials has adopted the Agile Project Management process. Originally developed by software developers, the Agile methodology emphasizes nimble teams producing predictable results swiftly. The key assertions of our Agile process include:

  • When business conditions change, our plans will also change
  • Data guides every decision we make
  • Precisely-targeted initiatives reign supreme
  • A collaborative process produces the best results
  • Achieving optimal alignment may require multiple iterations
  • Frequent experimentation and testing reveals hidden opportunities
  • Progress is measured by a repeated cycle of building, measuring, and learning
  • Continuously expanding the team’s skill and knowledge will improve outcomes

Our History

In 2009, leading inbound digital marketing strategist and experienced coach, Patty Cisco, MBA founded what we now know as Marketing Essentials, as CISCO & CO. Drawing on her broad operations management and strategic planning expertise, Patty began delivering transformative data-driven results that attracted, engaged, nurtured and converted qualified leads with inbound digital marketing. Now, with more than 25 years of experience, her exceptional business acumen and unbridled passion are an inspiration to executives, managers, and professionals alike. Patty continues to approach each client’s challenge as if it were her own, using collaborative engagements to overcome obstacles and improve outcomes. Marketing Essentials is based in New Bremen, OH and serves clients across the globe.

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