Company Overview

  • Marketing Essentials, LLC is a Certified inbound marketing firm
  • Marketing Essentials, LLC has helped hundreds of businesses use inbound marketing to:
    • Increase brand awareness
    • Build trust and relationships with prospects
    • Reach new markets
    • Generate more self-qualified leads
    • Shorten the sales cycle
  • Marketing Essentials has a reputation for diverse industry knowledge and experience in traditional and inbound marketing strategies


  • Websites – strategy, design, development
  • Social Media – strategy, content and channel development, monitoring and measurement
  • SEO – keyword research, on-page & off-page optimization, paid search
  • E-mail – strategy, design, content development/distribution/monitoring/measurement
  • Content – persona-based research, curation & development (blogs, case studies, white papers, ebooks, etc.)
  • Brand Identity – conceptual & creative design
  • Marketing Communications – graphic design, collateral, publications, print ads, tradeshow displays

Client Experience

Selective Micro Technologies, OH – Goal: Grow online brand awareness via targeted social channel and blog distribution. Within two months organic search increased by 58%, referrals increased by 42% and social media had increased by 82%

Senior Living SMART, MA – Goal: Grow membership nationally; lead generation & brand awareness. Within one month, internet traffic increased by 460% and leads by 166%, and two online sales were generated.

Henry Schein Animal Health, OH – Goal: Discover gaps in online marketing that were blocking successful online lead generation. An Internet Marketing Audit resulted in strategy with expected results of visitor-to-lead conversion rate of 2.5% (47,500 new customers) by end of year.


541430 Graphic Design Services
541613 Marketing Consulting Services
541810 Advertising Agencies
541850 Display Advertising
541860 Direct Mail Advertising
541890 Other Services Related to Advertising
541511 Web page design services, custom


7336 Commercial Art and Graphic Design
7389 Business Services


80141618 Marketing agencies including print
80141505 Marketing plans
60105409 Brand Marketing
80141501 Marketing analysis
81112105 Web site operation host services
81112103 Web site design services

Corporate Principal

Patty Cisco, MBA has more than 25 years of experience as a business strategist, with an emphasis in sales and marketing for companies of multiple sizes and in many industries.