E-Commerce Website Development

E-Commerce Website Development

E-Commerce Website Development


A history of entrepreneurship led this company to develop an innovative way to make mowing grass on a Zero-Turn mower a smooth riding experience. The challenge was how to make the consumer aware of the product and establish dealership relationships, while implementing digital marketing that could be self-managed with as-needed support.


With consumer and advertising market research in hand, the following strategy was developed and executed:

  • Development of an ecommerce responsive WordPress website focused on the target audiences main pain point (comfort)
  • Implementation of Search Engine Optimization elements throughout the website
  • Implementation of a traditional ¬†advertising campaign in key consumer focused print mediums integrated with the website
  • Established Facebook channels with strategic coaching
  • Established key online Directories with a review strategy


  • Client was able to quickly and easily self-manage the website with dealer updates and product information
  • Significant increase in product online sales
  • Strong dealer relationships developed and maintained via easy website referrals

Marketing Essentials is an outstanding cohesive team that does a great job with their web design, marketing strategy and digital marketing coaching. Since we started working with them to grow our ET Air Ride Inc. & ZTR Puffer product, our sales have went up and we have gained over 20 new dealerships.

Terry Bernholt, ET Air Ride Inc.

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