Employee Recruiting

Are your prospective employees finding you? Acquiring new workers can be challenging, and how you find new people is constantly evolving. Potential employees are searching online every day… but are they finding you?

A Career Site is No Longer Enough!

“50% of people are more likely to want to work at a company that is active on social media”

“20% are more likely to stay at a company that is active on social media”

You need a results-oriented digital recruiting strategy that is built with extensive planning and execution to attract the best employees for your business. You also need to be mobile. Your candidates are searching online from their phones and you need to make sure they see you.

Gain a strategic edge over your competitors and achieve your talent acquisition goals. Your future employees are mobile and always connected, and you should be too!

Digital Recruitment Campaigns

A digital recruitment campaign will include:

  • Strategy development that is geared toward making you mobile friendly, humanizing your company and optimizing your social channels.
  • Plans to attract qualified candidates by offering what they’re looking for in a job.
  • Measuring results by understanding what is working and not working to get the results you are trying to achieve.

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