Inbound Marketing for Healthcare Providers

Inbound Marketing for Healthcare Organizations

How Patients Find You and View You Has Changed

Does your online presence reflect who you are and the level of service you provide?

As a physician or a practice administrator for a healthcare practice, your primary driver is helping patients. In order to continue serving, you must be equally focused on the growth and future viability of your practice. Your marketing strategy must serve your patients too.

“As patients become more Internet savvy, we have to evolve with the times as well.”

-Jack Chou, MD, American Academy of Family Physicians’

Planning for 2017? Don't go unprepared.

How Patients Find You Has Changed.

Has Your Marketing Strategy?


How Inbound Marketing Works

Makes the First Impression You Want

Your website is the first impression of your practice and the gateway to establishing your credibility, reputation, and trust with your patient.

Reaches Patients Where They Are

The internet has changed how patients research their medical needs, and find and view physicians.

“72% of Internet users say they looked online for health information within the past” -Pew Research

Lets You Answer Their Questions

Through your website and social media blogs, videos and tips sheets, you provide answers to the questions your patients are searching for.

Provides Evidence-Based Direction

With a data-driven marketing strategy, you gain analytics to measure the effectiveness and help establish sound goals for your practice moving forward.

Reputation Matters

Online physician reviews shape the way consumers view your practice and make healthcare decisions. Did you know online reviews can also boost – or lower – your local search ranking?

“47 percent of consumers say a doctor’s reputation matters”


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