Online Lead Generation

Online Lead Generation

Online Lead Generation


Kendal at Oberlin, an affiliate of The Kendal Corporation, wanted to grow its online brand reach, increase its rank in the search engines and convert more website visitors into sales qualified leads.


kendal at oberlin digital marketing resultsA digital audit was conducted to assess every aspect of the organization’s online brand presence and conversion points, including website functionality, brand messaging, content strategies across all platforms (website, social, email, etc.), SEO and SEM strategies and competitor comparisons. Based on the data, a custom, comprehensive inbound digital marketing strategy was developed that included:

  • Implementing an automated digital marketing system.
  • Developing multiple comprehensive lead nurturing workflows to nurture leads through the long sales cycle.
  • On-page and off page SEO strategies to support search engine ranking.
  • Developing a content strategy that included expert content in the forms of blogs and social postings, along with promotion strategies.
  • Lead nurturing sequential email campaigns designed to move waitlist leads to close.


  • Traffic from social channels increased over 2,000%.
  • The website converted more than 350 marketing qualified leads in a single year.
  • Organic traffic from search engines provided 128 of the marketing qualified leads.
  • Automated workflows achieved an 18% conversion rate of marketing qualified lead to sales qualified lead.
  • Blog views jumped 67%.

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