Senior Care Digital Marketing & Sales Strategy

Senior Care Digital Marketing & Sales Strategy

Senior Care Digital Marketing & Sales Strategy


With continual changes to the healthcare industry, Maine Veterans’ Homes, a multi-facility enterprise level organization, realized the need to focus on building a sustainable online brand to support future growth. In addition, they felt a critical need to find ways to increase efficiency and productivity within their marketing and sales system for centralized data collection.


The project was broken into two phases: sales and marketing. Through the facilitation of a hands-on internal team approach, the following strategy was developed:

maine vets digital marketing dataSales

  • Research, test and select a CRM (customer relationship management system)
  • Develop a sales process aligned with each of their personas buyer’s journey
  • Develop a lead nurturing workflow with service specific content focused on answering the pain points of the seniors and adult children


  • Revamping and enhancing of an existing site to focus on sales funnel orientation and strong calls to action (CTAs) that would guide the visitor to action
  • Implementation of extensive SEO based technical components within the website
  • Development of a content strategy inclusive of blog and social media
  • Development of SEO optimized content
  • Performance based application of data management and analysis of user behavior on the website, resulting in ongoing changes within the site to elicit higher conversions
  • Integration of online donation functionality to support fund development
  • Ongoing strategic data analysis and coaching
  • Integration of the CRM and Marketing Automation Platform


Within the first four months of the phased-in approach to digital marketing, Maine Veterans Homes saw a:

  • 10.5% increase in brand reach across social channels.
  • 14.2% increase in overall traffic to the website.
  • 32.5% increase in unique visitors to the website.
  • 42% increase in overall form submissions (contact us, schedule a tour, employment applications, volunteer inquiries and donations).

“Working with Marketing Essentials, we have literally changed our culture and approach to marketing … We revamped our website and social media to focus on potential customers and their specific needs. Results have skyrocketed! Similarly, we are restructuring marketing and sales roles and implementing marketing tools and best practices to help build customer relationships and loyalty – the real key to success. Marketing Essentials has been a true partner at every step.” –Kelley J. Kash, Colonel, USAF, MSC (Retired), Chief Executive Officer, Maine Veterans’ Homes

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