B2B Website Redesign in 60 Days

B2B Website Redesign in 60 Days

B2B Website Redesign in 60 Days


Supply chain management vendor NK Parts lacked an online presence that mirrored the state-of-the-art company. The outdated website was significantly impacting their recruiting efforts in a very competitive market area.


We conducted competitor and persona-based marketing research and developed a progressive, performance-based website strategy.  

  • Within 60 days, a new website was launched.
  • Website goals were established based on performance, the buyer’s journey, user experience, conversions and barriers.
  • In-depth SEO strategies were implemented to ensure positive search engine ranking.
  • Website updates occur on a continual basis using data collection and user experience analysis.
  • A pre-qualification online application was integrated within the site to facilitate vetting of qualified candidates.


  • Over 50 online applicants were received in a one-month timeframe compared to the previous average of less than five per month.
  • In just six months, the NK Parts website experienced a 40% increase in site visits and a 68% increase in visits from organic searches.
  • Website has maintained a bounce rate of less than 50%, well below industry averages.

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