Maine Veterans’ Homes, a non-profit senior living organization, has worked with Marketing Essentials for several years to diligently grow its digital marketing efforts into a successful, lead-generating program that includes a closed-loop system between marketing and sales. As the program grew to include various social media campaigns, white papers, online forms and automated, lead nurturing workflows, the organization began to capture more and more data. But what C-Suite executives really needed to know was: what does all this data mean?
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Maine Veterans’ Homes is a veteran long term care facility with six locations throughout the state of Maine. The services provided range from rehab and therapy to long term care, as well as specialized areas of care including dementia and memory care.
The Challenge
With a highly successful and multi-faceted digital marketing program in place, Maine Veterans’ Homes had data sources from various social media channels, Google analytics, HubSpot platforms and more. A key to their program’s continued success has always been the strong partnership between their team and the team at Marketing Essentials. Monthly strategy sessions between the two groups involved discussions on analytics, sales and marketing funnels and collaborative efforts that got results. However, as the program got more complex, so did the data. The program grew to the point where C-Suite executives needed an efficient way to see the bottom line. hubspot leads funnel
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Our Strategy

Our team took on customizing a data reporting system to streamline all data into a single real-time report. The new system collects data from disparate sources and transfers that data into an online dashboard that members of our team or the Maine Veterans’ team can access at any time to see real-time metrics.

The single report shows website traffic, social media followers and impressions, advertising costs per click, leads in each stage of the funnel, forms submissions and lots more. And most importantly, the custom system also integrated with their closed-loop marketing and CRM platforms so executives could see how many leads were converting to customers.

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Our Results

“I love the funnel metric! I utilize it for reporting to our facilities, departments, and board of trustees. It allows our organization to quickly see what exists in our sales pipeline and to stay focused on our company goals that are aligned with our digital marketing program.”

Deb Fournier RN-BC, MSB, CPHQ, NHA
Chief Operations Officer
Maine Veterans’ Homes


Maine Veterans’ Homes executives are able to efficiently see in a single report where leads currently stand and how many leads have converted into customers. The funnel metric allows them to see leads coming in at the top of the funnel, leads being nurtured in the middle of the funnel through the digital program, leads that are converting to sales qualified leads and, most importantly, they can see leads convert to CUSTOMERS. This is a real-time report of streamlined data that shows the bottom line and helps drive sales, company budgets, and goals for the future.