For Peoples Federal Savings and Loan, they feared being forgotten as they watched the big banks with big budgets splash digital marketing campaigns everywhere. We need SEO to get found, is what they thought. But what they really needed was a brand refresh of their message, website and marketing efforts to not only get found online – but to connect, engage and be top-of-mind when today’s online audience searches for financial solutions.
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Peoples Federal Savings and Loan is a small town community bank with four locations in Shelby County. The bank has long-standing community ties, having served the community since its inception in 1886. Its main office is housed in a 1917 architectural masterpiece that has been beautifully preserved and seen as a monument in the community. Through the years, the bank experienced tremendous growth and expanded its physical locations, advanced with the latest banking technologies and added financial offerings. All the while, it was important for the bank to keep its historical significance and hometown customers at the forefront of everything they did.
The Challenge
The bank’s executive team was struggling with how to tie two brand messages together -- one based on tradition and history and the other on being innovative and modern -- into one strong, consistent brand message. At the same time, they were ready to dive into digital marketing but were unsure where to start -- a common problem for many organizations. They struggled with how to compete with the big banks that were launching online, email and social media campaigns. They were unsure how to connect with the millennial audience on social platforms that felt foreign to them. They didn’t have the big marketing budgets of the big banks, but they also knew they couldn’t ignore the fact that today’s buyers are online every day. Their audience had changed, and they need to shift with them.
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Our Strategy
  • Buyer Persona Development
  • New Brand Message & Value Proposition
  • New Performance Based Website
  • Social Media Campaigns

Our solution was a phased-in and strategic approach to digital marketing. That meant starting with research, KPIs and goals to understand where the organization wanted to go, how they compared to key competitors and who their ideal target audience was.

We developed buyer personas — a snapshot of their ideal customers, where they research financial solutions and how they make buying decisions. Not only is the information key in developing messaging and campaigns, it’s a tool the sales team can use.

We provided new brand messaging and the content for their new website and digital marketing campaigns.

We built a new, SEO-friendly performance based website — meaning it’s never one and done. Our performance based sites are developed to flex and grow with an organization. We continuously monitor user experience and data to adjust the site for optimal results.

We launched Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages and began social media campaigns to expand brand reach and target specific audiences.

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Our Results

Brand Awareness Campaigns & New Messaging

With an understanding of how their audience has changed, six strategic marketing campaigns were launched that tie together both digital and traditional marketing. New brand messaging was developed with a more personal, customer-centric touch:

“While we provide all the big bank financial services you need, we don’t see loans and accounts first. We see a family building a home or a business growing into a new space. We see you. Peoples Federal Savings and Loan was founded in 1886 for a community and remains a hometown bank today. The only difference now is our roots have grown deeper. Our focus is stronger.  A Bank Built for You.”

Social Media Campaigns

Their first business pages were launched on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, with Facebook gaining 400+ followers in the first eight weeks. Two social media campaigns kicked off — one announcing the celebration marking the 100th anniversary of the bank’s historic building and the other focused on their new website and new site features.

  • Save the Date ads for the anniversary celebration reached 5,009 people and captured 77 responses on Facebook — with an average cost of 74 cents per engagement. A Save the Date ad on Instagram, targeting the millennial audience, captured almost 300 likes in just 8 days.
  • To top that off, a live video from the event reached 1,225 people with 902 video views.

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1,225 People Reached  |  902 Video Views



  • In another social media campaign, the bank spent $149.42 on social ads aimed at sending a new audience to their new website to showcase products and features. These ads reached an astounding 26,032 people with 109,341 impressions.

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26,032 People Reached  |  109,341 Impressions


“I would highly recommend Marketing Essentials to anyone needing a digital marketing solution. We needed help in reminding our existing customers of all the services we offer, as well as attracting new customers to our association. They got us additional exposure to customers via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram — areas where we never had a presence before. And the team at Marketing Essentials is extremely knowledgeable, professional and a joy to work with. They are very attentive to our needs, and our questions and concerns are dealt with immediately. Their plans are structured well, and they do an excellent job of following up and reporting to us the success of our marketing strategies.”  – Steven R. Goins, Vice President, Peoples Federal Savings and Loan Association, Sidney, Ohio