Can one piece of online content really deliver quality leads? That was the question on the table. For two years, The Esquiline had been working with us to build their brand awareness and turn their website into a resource for the growing audience of seniors online. As their website traffic increased, they needed to focus on creating content that would set them apart from competitors and gain quality leads. Here’s how we leveraged one of their most unique qualities to create a one-of-a-kind offer that their ideal client wouldn’t be able to resist.
new leads in 1 month
increase in unique website visitors
impressions on Facebook
The Esquiline is a senior living community in Illinois, right on the state line next to St. Louis (so close, in fact, that you can see the Gateway Arch from their hilltop campus). It has an excellent local reputation and a special connection to one of the largest outdoor Catholic shrines in America.
The Challenge
The challenge was, they needed a way to engage and nurture that online audience that fit their ideal persona. They wanted to connect with religious older adults who would find their Christian community appealing. And there was a catch — they were about to change their name, the one that they had been known by for over half a century and the one connected to their website URL. They knew this would cause their online traffic to plummet. So the challenge became twofold: how could they provide a valuable piece of content to win new quality leads, and how could they avoid a major traffic drop?
Marketing Essentials Portfolo Strategy
Our Strategy
  • Targeted Longform Content Piece
  • Social Promotion Campaign
  • Blog Campaign
  • Lead Nurturing Workflow

The internet is crowded with content. Our team decided that adding another generic, top-of-funnel piece on retirement communities or senior lifestyles would just get lost in the void. Instead, we set our sights on creating a unique content offer that only The Esquiline could provide to entice potential residents and their families to visit the site and share their contact information.

Around the same time that The Esquiline changed their name, Lent was coming up. From monitoring their audience’s interests and measuring how previous religious-themed content performed, we knew that spirituality was a strong topic for The Esquiline that resonated with their ideal persona.

That’s what sparked our idea. The Esquiline was in a unique position among their competitors to speak with authority and authenticity on a season that resonates with so many.

So with that in mind, we created the Lenten Challenge, a downloadable white paper packed with answers to people’s top questions about this special Catholic season, as well as tips for enriching their spiritual journey and a 40-day calendar with daily “challenges” for them to complete.

We also built a social campaign around the Lenten Challenge, mining content from the whitepaper to create organic and paid social posts designed to get their existing followers engaged and attract new ones to their page.

Finally, to help bolster web traffic to The Esquiline as they transitioned to their new name, we created a series of blogs to be published each week to capitalize on the increased Lent-related search terms.

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Our Results
  • 75 new leads in one month

  • 121.15% increase in unique website visitors compared to the previous year

  • 5 marketing qualified leads converted after three months

  • 10,516 impressions on Facebook

Instead of website traffic dropping after the name change, it actually rose above the previous year’s numbers when the Lenten Challenge kicked off. On the Challenge’s landing page alone, there were 512 views, with a 14% conversion rate that in one month gathered more leads than one of their existing content pieces had gathered in two years.

On social, the Lenten Challenge saw fantastic reach and engagement. With one ad alone, The Esquiline reached 9,672 people, winning 547 likes and 175 shares. People were interacting with The Esquiline and sharing their posts with friends — all because the content resonated with them.

Our work didn’t stop there. After Lent ended, it was time to nurture those top of funnel leads to drive them through the sales funnel.

Like most senior living communities, The Esquiline has a long sales cycle and conversions take time. However, in the three months following the Lenten Challenge, five people have been converted to marketing qualified leads through automated workflows — five people who had never visited The Esquiline’s site before.

Moving forward, the benefit of the Lenten Challenge is that it’s an evergreen piece. Each year, The Esquiline will be able to repromote the Challenge to reach new leads, engage with their audience and distinguish themselves from competitors. New marketing qualified leads can be nurtured with a few updates to the automated lead nurturing email campaign already in place.

For The Esquiline, it was important to find an authentic way to reach their ideal demographic, prove their value and nurture those leads in a way that matched their brand story. That’s what the right content can do for you.