B2B Branding & Website Development

B2B Branding & Website Development

B2B Branding & Website Development


VersaPak, a plastic packaging manufacturer, wanted to upgrade their website while at the same time create a new brand identity that reflected the high-tech, innovative culture of the company.

versa pak re-branding and website re-design


After competitive market and customer persona research was conducted, a performance-based website and brand strategy was developed that included:

  • A new logo, brand colors, fonts, unique messaging and a value proposition were developed and implemented.
  • A strategic, sales funnel approach was outlined for the new website.
  • The new, mobile-friendly website was launched within 60 days.
  • An SEO strategy was implemented to support higher search engine rankings.
  • A performance-based website action plan was established with goals based on user experience, the buyer’s journey, conversions and barriers.
  • A phased-in strategy was outlined for future inbound digital marketing tactics, such as email marketing campaigns, to nurture leads and customer retention.


  • Within 30 days of launch, analytics show 52.2% of website visitors are clicking through the newly established funnels, resulting in increasing leads and conversions.
  • Website data collection and user experience continues to drive website content and updates.
  • Positive customer and vendor feedback on branding and website usability.
  • Unique messaging and value proposition help company stand out from competitors within the industry.

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