Videos We Produce

Explainer Videos

Explain your company, product or service

Educational/Expertise Videos

Share what you know with useful video content

Customer Testimonials

Let real clients and customers tell their stories on camera

Company Stories

Introduce customers and partners to your mission and values

Careers/Recruitment Video

Pique potential hires’ interest with a video

Campaign Video

Stand out and convert more prospects to customers with a video

Product/Demos Videos

Show how a product, service or new feature works

Video Series

Produce multiple videos within the same theme that are rolled out over time

Our Video Products

Tier I Video Examples

Company Video

Why ME?

Who Is Versa Pak?

Explainer Video

Explore the Culturally Rich Areas Near The Admiral at The Lake

What to Expect When You Tour The Admiral at the Lake

Experience Life at The Admiral at the Lake

Educational Video

Why Not Stay at Home for Free?

Careers/Recruitment Video

Careers at Marketing Essentials

Campaign Video

Epluno: Campaign Video

Tier I Video Product Details

  • Large-scale video productions
  • Includes multiple shots with various moving pieces, people and/or equipment
  • Extensive planning and aerial shots available
  • Premium audio equipment used to remove audio interference from surrounding ambient noise
  • Teleprompter available, along with professional scriptwriting
  • Starting at $2,500

Tier II Video Examples

Campaign Video

Rex Lippincott Talks About the Welcome Home Program

Explainer Video

Request Your Free Digital Marketing & Sales Consultation

Educational/Expert Video

Pool Safety Tips From Summer Shafer

Why Everyone Needs Umbrella Insurance

Tier II Video Product Details

  • Fast and efficient production time
  • Best for staged video shots
  • Shots based off a tripod for smooth panning
  • Professional editing software used to seamlessly edit together multiple staged shots, images, music, voiceovers, text overlays, etc.
  • Professional interviewing and scriptwriting available
  • Starting at $999

Tier III Video Examples

Lorem Ipsum Video

Lorem Ipsum Video

Product Details

  • Video customization of provided video footage and images
  • Professional editing software used to seamlessly edit together multiple footage and images with music, voiceovers, text overlays, etc.
  • Video coaching (filming, optimization, distribution) available for your team
  • Video platform set-up, SEO optimization and channel distribution
  • Starting at $500