Event Marketing Before, During and After

Trade Shows, Virtual Events, Webinars and More

Create an Experience that Captivates

Creating a memorable event experience that builds brand awareness, generates leads, nurtures relationships and drives sales starts with the right event strategy. At Marketing Essentials, we help guide your team in pre-event promotion, day-of-event execution and post-event strategies to boost success and ROI. 

We have helped B2B and B2C businesses plan, design and execute campaigns for a variety of events, including trade shows, seminars, conferences, virtual events, webinars and more. When executed properly, an event can be a highly effective part of your marketing plan.

What You Can Get

Before the Event, We Can:

  • Map out and implement a promotional strategy to drive interest 
  • Use email, website, social media and more to reach out to customers and prospects to make them aware you will be attending the event and encourage them to visit
  • Promote special giveaways or product demos
  • Develop campaign messaging that helps you stand out
  • Design a trade show booth, promotional items and additional campaign materials
  • Develop flyers, brochures, spec sheets, and more to hand out at the event
  • Design advertisements for event publications
  • Design and develop speaker presentations

During the Event, We Can:

  • Plan a social media strategy to share what’s happening live at your booth or from the event
  • Map out interactive elements to draw attention to your booth or space at the event
  • Capture video of your presentation or booth area

After the Event, We Can:

  • Strategize and implement post-event emails, direct mail pieces and campaigns to continue building relationships and nurturing leads to sales
  • Map out a social media strategy to build connections from the event

Host a Virtual Event

Trade shows, workshops, conferences, product demos, open houses and more — they can all be done as a virtual event! Our team of event marketers can assist with everything you need to plan the event and execute it flawlessly.

We can:

  • Help choose a virtual event platform
  • Set up online registration
  • Create a pre-event promotion strategy to attract the right audience
  • Manage technical set-up
  • Provide full tech support and real-time problem solving during the event
  • Manage interactive elements, such as break-out rooms, polls and questions
  • Create a post-event strategy to nurture leads
  • Create post-event recordings to use as on-demand webinars

Virtual Events

Virtual Events

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