Improve Results with a Marketing Audit

Uncover Hidden Opportunities

Are there gaps in your existing traditional and digital marketing program? Are you faced with a new campaign, complex market or tight budget? Uncover your best opportunities with an independent, professional marketing audit.

An Efficient Way to Deliver Greater ROI

At Marketing Essentials, we conduct independent digital audits for B2B and B2C companies. Our expert team has audited websites, SEO, paid search, lead nurturing strategies, sales processes, employee recruitment and more to help companies plan ahead, refine strategies, achieve goals and deliver greater marketing ROI.

Whether we’re auditing a one-time campaign or a full, comprehensive marketing strategy, our audit provides you a report of findings, analysis and strategic recommendations for moving forward. It allows you to see gaps and opportunities to achieve a higher-performing program. At Marketing Essentials, we love audits because the true value of an audit is seeing where you can go.


What You Can Get:

  • Website Audit —  Uncover the most affordable, efficient and effective approach to updating your website to generate leads and higher sales.
  • SEO Audit — Before you dive into complex SEO tactics or hire an expensive SEO company, uncover an SEO strategy that truly moves you up in search rankings.
  • Content Audit — Gain buyer insights and professional guidance on mapping out a content strategy that resonates with your target audience and nurtures them to a sale.
  • Recruitment Audit —  Learn where money and time should be spent to attract the most qualified candidates.
  • Paid Advertising Audit — Stop the ads that aren’t working. Launch an advertising campaign that returns optimal ROI.
  • Inbound Marketing — Get a professional, outside analysis of your entire marketing strategy and program to see how you stack up in comparison to competitors and where the most opportunity exists.
  • Traditional Marketing — Learn how to cost-effectively and seamlessly align your traditional marketing with your digital marketing to help drive company revenue.

How Does an Audit Work?



First, we’ll start with a consultation to discuss your unique business needs, current marketing efforts, company goals and your biggest competitors.



Next, you’ll tell us what insights you’d like to see: gaps and opportunities, competitor analysis, a strategic action plan, or all of the above!


Then, we’ll dig in. We’ll use professional tools and our expertise to audit your program, website, channels and your competitors to see what they are doing and not doing.



We’ll provide our recommendations in a comprehensive audit report, with complete analysis and strategic recommendations for moving forward. Our team will deliver and explain this report to you in person or virtually.


Next Steps

You’ll have clear direction for how to achieve your marketing objectives!

What Does It Cost?

There is no single answer to this question, as it depends on the complexity of the audit. However, our audit consultations are free and without obligation!