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Because Candidates Start with a Google Search

The economy has changed. How people search for jobs has changed. This means how companies recruit must change. It takes an online recruiting campaign to attract, hire and keep the best candidates.

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Digital recruitment marketing is the online marketing that you do specifically to attract new employees. No matter the size of your company, you can bet potential applicants are combing websites, scrolling through social media and looking at ratings on third-party review sites.

That’s why it’s essential companies today project a strong employer brand online and engage with potential candidates via social media channels, websites and other digital platforms.

At Marketing Essentials, we can help you use PPC, social media, email, video, chatbots and more so the right applicants find you first and you hire the best candidates.

What is Digital Recruitment Marketing?


Recruitment Marketing Coaching & Services

Employer Branding

Make sure prospective candidates like what they see. We develop employer branding, messaging and content that can be used across print and digital campaigns, within videos, and on social platforms.

Careers Website Page

Your website careers page is where candidates first start researching and where they look for how to apply. Show them what sets you apart. We develop impressive website careers pages that are SEO-ready.

Video Recruiting

Use video to improve the entire hiring process. We can produce videos or consult on how to use video to attract attention, show company culture and enhance the candidate experience.

Social Media Recruitment

The targeting capabilities on social media make it a great source for attracting the right applicants. We can implement or consult on using LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to advertise your jobs to the right audience.

Job Advertising/PPC

Digital job advertising can be extremely effective with even the smallest recruiting budget. We use advanced analytics to monitor performance, track costs and retarget the ideal candidates.

Employee Advocacy

Employee advocacy is the promotion of a brand through its employees. The most effective channel today is social media. We can help you build an employee advocacy committee, guidelines and steps to take.

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