Video & Photography Services for Your Business

Capture Attention and Build Trust with Authentic Visuals

Video and photography are the best ways to show people your products, services and what your company is all about. Our team of video and photography professionals works with you to map out a multimedia strategy that achieves your goals. We then take it from there – handling everything from production scheduling and shooting to final editing.

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Develop an Engaging Visual Brand

Video and authentic photography are powerful tools to engage customers, prospects and new employees in today’s online world. Personalize your brand and allow people to see and experience the benefits of your products and services.

Whether you’re looking to grow brand awareness, gain leads, boost sales or recruit new employees, our expert team knows how to stage and shoot the best parts of your company to convey your message. Whether you’re a small business or a larger corporation, contact us to get started on your video and photo strategy.

Business Videos by Marketing Essentials

Marketing Video Production

Delivering Essential Stories with Exceptional Speed

See how Marketing Essentials worked with Otterbein SeniorLife to deliver strategic, professional, and timely video stories that brought their brand to life.

Our Video Production Services

From conception and storyboarding to production and editing, our team works with you to create powerful video stories. Our lean video production process also allows us to turn your videos around quickly – on time and on budget. 

Prices starting at just $899!

Video Essentials

  • Product Demo Videos
  • FAQ Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Virtual Tour Videos
  • Drone Footage Videos
  • Cost Videos
  • Upsell/Cross-sell Videos
  • Recruitment Videos

Videos for Sales

Best for Those:

  • Looking for the next best thing to face-to-face meetings
  • Want to build trust with prospects
  • Ready to beat out the competition and close more deals

What You Get:

✓ Training on How to Sell Using Video
✓ Video Meetings and Conferences
✓ Video Email Messages & Sales Email Templates
✓ Prospecting Videos-Connection Videos
✓ Meeting Reminder Videos
✓ Post Meeting Follow-Up Videos
✓ Proposal Videos
✓ Product Demos
✓ FAQs
✓ How-To and Expertise Videos
✓ Webinars
*Coaching and professional editing services also available

Videos for Marketing

Best for Those:

  • Looking to build brand awareness in an engaging and entertaining way
  • Seeking new leads for sales
  • Looking for versatile content with high ROI

What You Get:

✓ Video Strategy Development
✓ About Us Company Videos
✓ Event Videos
✓ Product Demos
✓ Customer Testimonials
✓ Expert Interviews
✓ FAQs
✓ Explainer, How-To & Educational Videos
✓ Virtual Tours
✓ Drone Coverage
✓ Animated & Whiteboard Videos
✓ Webinars
✓ SEO Optimization & Posting
*Coaching & professional editing services also available

Videos for Customer Retention

Best for Those:

  • Seeking to go above and beyond to delight customers
  • Have a post-purchase strategy (or are ready for one)
  • Looking for an efficient way to retain and upsell customers

What You Get:

✓ Post-Purchase Strategy Development
✓ Customer Onboarding Videos
✓ Customer Product Training/Teaching Videos
✓ Personalized Follow-Up Videos
✓ Post-Purchase FAQs
✓ Upsell/Cross-Sell Videos
*Coaching & professional editing services also available

You may also be a good fit for:

Video Coaching

Looking to develop videos in-house? We are here to train your team in delivering professional high-quality videos that get results. You can get:

  • Customized 1-on-1, Team or Virtual Workshops
  • Video Strategy Development
  • Technical Video Tools Coaching (camera, phone, platforms, software)
  • How to Get Comfortable On-Camera
  • How to Give a Virtual Presentation
  • Best Practices on Filming (staging, sound, lighting, etc.
  • Professional Post-Production Editing

Looking for More? We Also Offer:

Professional Photography

Custom photos provide an authentic look at who your company is. Get noticed by showing your company personality and culture.  Our professional photography services include:

  • People Photos (employees, leadership, customers, culture)
  • Company Photos (buildings, production, customer service)
  • Product Shots

How Our Professional Video/Photography Shoots Work

  1. Strategy First. We meet with your team to discuss your target audience, goals and vision. The key to producing efficient, effective videos and photos is having the right strategy in place first.
  2. Pre-Production Planning. We map out the who, what, when, where and how. We put together a storyboard that conveys the end result, so you can see how we envision the shots working together. We also provide you with video tip sheets, interview prompts and/or scripts to help your team prepare.
  3. Production. Time for action! On the day of the shoot, our team follows the pre-approved, detailed schedule to provide minimal interruption to your team’s workflow.
  4. Post-Production Editing. Our editing team uses professional editing software to produce high-quality videos and photos.
  5. Posting & Distribution. Based on the strategy, your videos and photos are ready for distribution on your social channels, emails, video platforms, website, etc. If needed, our team can do the posting and promotional strategy also.

Let’s Talk Video!