New Website Replaces Site Attacked by Hackers

Closing Time Realty, a growing real estate company based out of St. Marys, Ohio, came to Marketing Essentials looking to update its website to create a better online experience for buyers and sellers searching for homes and/or an agent via the website.

A website audit by our team revealed that the company’s site had been hacked. A hacked website can lead to anyone attempting to visit your website getting an unfriendly “warning” message that would turn them away. A hacked website also can be experiencing multiple other issues, such as redirecting traffic to unwanted advertisements, loading extremely slow or getting flagged by Google. All of these issues would cause potential customers to not visit your website.

Our team immediately took down the hacked website and began building Closing Time Realty a new template website that was affordable for the growing small business. The site included top security features to help avoid future hacks and was designed with a modern look that was user-friendly for those searching for a new home or looking to sell. The site was SEO-optimized to help ensure Closing Time Realty shows up when people search online. We also supported the company by helping them develop brand messaging that answered client questions and helped them differentiate from the competition.

Closing Time Realty Website Designs
Closing Time Realty device mockups

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