Solutions from Marketing Essentials:

After building a new website providing content to educate and convert today’s buyers, Marketing Essentials identified a CRM and marketing automation solution, HubSpot, that could streamline both their sales and marketing tasks.  A thorough audit and monthly SEO action plan was also put in place.

Marketing Essentials first mapped the M-Line sales process and customized the CRM to fit M-Line’s needs. Data such as lead source, engagement, and contact info would now be centralized into one place. 

On the marketing side, Marketing Essentials built lead nurturing workflows for each stage of the sales funnel that engaged current contacts and moved them to sales. Marketing tactics such as Google PPC ads and a focus on organic SEO keep the sales pipeline full. And monthly newsletters keep current customers informed and in contact with the team. 

    • Data-driven sales mapping to ensure HubSpot setup was customized.
    • Coaching to help salespeople take full advantage of the CRM.
    • Promotion strategies including email and paid advertising (PPC)
    • Comprehensive reporting in HubSpot on both sales and marketing tactics.
    • Strategic SEO program to identify ranking factors and optimize website


With a streamlined HubSpot setup, an SEO program and easy reporting for both sales and marketing activities, M-Line has achieved the following results in 24 months: 

    • 500+ new leads generated
    • 83 new customers from marketing activities (organic SEO, PPC, and more) 
    • 100+ cold leads nurtured and moved to sales via automated workflows
    • Steady website rank and traffic increases

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