Even as the COVID-19 pandemic began and many industrial businesses struggled, OTC DAIHEN’s performance flourished and achieved the following results in four months:

  • 300% increase in website traffic
  • 35% decrease in length of time to close a sale 
  • 155% increase in the number of new leads
  • 8% increase in close rate (new leads to new customers)

In addition, DAIHEN’s 12 salespeople scattered across the country were now trained in the latest in virtual sales and communication techniques and had a comprehensive map for moving leads through the pipeline. 

To achieve these results, their Marketing Essentials’ team SEO-optimized the website to gain a better search presence and improve the user experience. The sales team was coached through virtual selling techniques and best practices for utilizing the CRM to its full potential. The team also put a marketing strategy in place that included email, social media, webinars and paid advertising (PPC).

The strategic partnership also includes regular strategy meetings, monitoring, data analysis and reporting for full transparency. Each month, we work together to map out content and promotional strategies that keep nurturing new leads to sales and continue driving revenue growth.

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