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Drive More Revenue with Sales Coaching

At Marketing Essentials, we set the table for success by providing your sales team the coaching, tools, support materials and reinforcement they need to efficiently and flawlessly sell more in both virtual and in-person environments. 

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Customized Curriculums that Suit Your Sales Team

Each sales training program is customized to fit your organization’s needs, whether it’s coaching, tactical execution, support materials and/or technology support.

Ideal for sales representatives, business executives and business development managers, training sessions are delivered in an interactive small-group format. Led by an experienced sales coach who is also a working sales professional, your team will get hands-on training, monitoring, feedback and reinforcement to set you up for success.

Shorten Revenue Cycle

Shorten the Sales Cycle

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Increase Productivity

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Build Stronger Relationships

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Drive More Revenue

Sales Training Learning Objectives

Your team will learn how to:

  • Enhance their online professional profiles to attract potential buyers
  • Grow online influence by sharing expertise through content
  • Master the art of virtual prospecting to find the right buyer
  • Lead and facilitate impressive sales meetings and conversations, both virtual and in person
  • Use virtual tools to maintain a professional image
  • Keep buyers engaged by delivering interactive presentations, visuals, drawings and quotes  
  • Execute modern sales email for prospecting, engaging and filling the pipeline
  • Build trust and deepen relationships to advance the sale

Our Approach to Sales Coaching

1. Discovery

We work with you to uncover obstacles and skills gaps to precisely define what you need to achieve the strongest outcome possible.

2. Course Customization

We build your unique curriculum. Our experts work with you to map out what objectives to cover and what deliverables will be part of each course.

3. Virtual Coach-Led Training

Each highly interactive, virtual course will be hands-on. Your team will put into practice what they learn, whether it’s connecting with a prospect on LinkedIn or building trust via a virtual meeting. They’ll receive feedback and deliverables, such as best practice email templates and video tips.

4. Post-Assessment Reinforcement

We want to ensure the skills your team learns are applied. Via 1-on-1 reinforcement coaching, we’ll measure progress and work on areas that need improvement. Your sales team will leave confident and equipped to take the lead in a virtual selling environment.

Meet Your Sales Coach

Patty Cisco

Patty Cisco


As founder of Marketing Essentials, Patty’s continual quest and drive for helping businesses grow is her passion. 

With over 30 years of sales, strategic business management and leadership experience, she understands the challenges sales directors and sales reps face in executing sales strategies that yield results in today’s ever-changing economy.

Patty provides strategic insight on sales efficiency, sales process mapping, sales performance, account management and the alignment of sales, marketing and customer service for the highest quality customer experiences.

Patty also is HubSpot Inbound Sales certified and is a graduate of the HubSpot Sales Pipeline Generation Bootcamp.

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Free Guide: Uncover the Secrets of Virtual Selling

Inside the Guide:

  • Prospecting in a new era
  • How to create connections and build trust in a virtual setting
  • The 3 steps to a Virtual Selling Solution that wins sales!
  • The skills, tools and training needed to make the transition
  • Bonus Checklist: Identify Your Sales Opportunities

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