Virtual Selling Solutions

Shorten the Sales Cycle. Drive more revenue.

The world has changed. Sales teams today face a new environment. In this reality, virtual interactions are the norm, not the exception.

That’s why so many sales teams are embracing Virtual Selling – a new sales strategy that positions your organization for success – now and into the future. Discover how to build strong virtual relationships – even when in-person meetings are off the table. Get equipped with the processes, skill sets and tools needed to connect via video, deliver value at every stage and drive increased revenue.

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Shorten the Sales Cycle

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Proven Virtual Selling Solutions

Our virtual selling solution services include sales audits, sales process mappings, sales strategy, implementation and coaching. While we believe that the best results are achieved when these steps are taken in sequence, you can also choose to select and apply these programs individually to suit your needs.

Sales Audits:

Through a free, comprehensive audit, we identify what sales processes, tools and skill sets you already have in place and what you need to get up and running with a virtual selling program that not only helps you reach but exceed your sales goals.

Your sales audit will:

  • Uncover strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify what is and is not generating revenue
  • Map out a cost-effective plan for moving ahead
  • Determine what you need to get legacy sales team members on board

Sales Process Mapping:

We will map out a new, strategic sales process based on your customers’ needs today and how their decision making has shifted in light of global changes. Your sales team will advance to a new level of selling where they align how they sell to how customers buy, and they will be more efficient than ever before using virtual tools and digital technologies. With the right approach, they can do everything they have been doing out in the field, only via video.

This includes:

  • Uncovering prospects’ challenges and needs
  • Creating and strengthening relationships to build trust
  • Accelerating the sales cycle to build momentum
  • Winning the sale!

Sales Strategy, Implementation & Coaching:

We will equip your team for success by providing the coaching and tools they need to sell in a virtual environment. We’ll share the latest best practices used in the field today, so your team is aware of both the challenges and opportunities of selling in a virtual space.

Each program is customized to fit your organization’s needs, whether it’s coaching, tactical execution or technology support.

Some of the tactical virtual selling programs we can discuss include:

  • CRM & Sales Process Alignment
  • 1-to-1 Video & Email Coaching
  • LinkedIn and Virtual Prospecting Coaching
  • How to Build a Personal Relationship Virtually
  • How to Create Video Demos & Email Content
  • Webinar Strategy Creation
  • Pipeline and Data Analysis Support

Virtual Selling Webinar

Exceed Your Sales Quotas in a New Virtual Era

5 Steps to a Virtual Selling Solution

uncover the secrets of virtual selling guide

Free Guide: Uncover the Secrets of Virtual Selling

Inside the Guide:

  • Prospecting in a new era
  • How to create connections and build trust in a virtual setting
  • The 3 steps to a Virtual Selling Solution that wins sales!
  • The skills, tools and training needed to make the transition
  • Bonus Checklist: Identify Your Sales Opportunities

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