Inbound Sales

Losing Sales Because You’re Focused on You?

The buyer’s journey has changed. Buyers today are informed. They research solutions, rank options, set requirements and compare pricing – all before they even have one conversation with a sales representative.

Traditional sales approaches are not personalized to this new buyer’s journey.  A disconnect exists between what the buyer wants and how the sales rep provides it. This ultimately leads to lost sales.

“70-90% of the buyer’s journey is complete prior to engaging a vendor.”


Is Your Current Sales Strategy No Longer Effective?

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Our Inbound Sales Approach


We first evaluate all of your existing processes, people and systems. This helps us to identify what is working, what is not, and how we can create the best inbound sales plan for you.


Strategy is a critical part of any inbound sales program. Our second step is to develop an inbound sales plan that is unique to you.


Next, we implement your inbound sales plan, which may consist of social selling, Service Level Agreements (SLA), CRM selection, lead management process development, coaching/training, and more.


We continually evaluate the effectiveness of your inbound sales strategy and make recommended changes so that your inbound sales program continues to evolve.

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