Host a Virtual Event

Connect, Engage and Drive Sales in Today’s Online World

Now is the Time to Shift In-Person to Virtual

Trade shows, workshops, conferences, product demos, open houses and more — they can all be done as a virtual event! Our team of experienced coaches can guide you through the strategy, planning, production and post-production you need to engage your audience and drive sales.

Create an Experience that Captivates

Creating a memorable experience that drives sales starts with the right strategy and pre-production planning. Your team at Marketing Essentials will guide your team and presenters every step of the way, from pre-event promotion to post-production strategies and campaigns. Attract and reach an even larger audience than you thought possible. Save costs for both you and your attendees. Create a powerful brand experience that makes a lasting impression.

What You Can Get

Before the Event, We Can:

  • Determine the type of event that best fits your needs and budget 
  • Map out the target audience, strategy, concepts and key takeaways
  • Name and brand the event
  • Help choose a virtual event platform
  • Select the best date(s) and time(s)
  • Set up online registration
  • Set up online fees/payment, if applicable
  • Help develop content and align the speaker agenda
  • Work through timezone considerations
  • Design and develop presentations
  • Manage technical set-up
  • Lead event run-throughs
  • Strategize and implement an event promotion plan
  • Send event reminders

During the Event, We Can:

  • Provide full tech support and real-time problem solving
  • Manage interactive elements, such as live chat, polls and questions
  • Provide speaker and attendee support
  • Co-host or moderate

After the Event, We Can:

  • Provide data reports on attendance and watch rates, interactions, etc., for your sales team
  • Strategize and implement post-event lead nurturing emails, campaigns and more
  • Edit event recordings for repurposing
  • Post-event recordings as on-demand webinars

Get Your Virtual Event on the Books!