We’re Your Strategic Partner.

Not an order taker.

Strategy first, tactics second – it’s the core of everything we do. In marketing, tactics need purpose, passion and commitment to get sustainable results. With Marketing Essentials, you get a team of seasoned strategists, writers, SEO and Conversion Rate Optimization analysts and UX/UI web developers who collaborate, innovate and push the limits to get the growth results you seek. We want more than just your order. We want to be your partner.

Are We the Right Fit?

As your marketing partner, you can expect us to become passionate about your brand. We will take challenges head-on. We may try something that hasn’t been done before. We’ll use data to tell us when and where to shift. From the many clients we’ve worked with, we’ve achieved the most success when we work together in a way that is agile and driven by the same goal – your bottom line.

How We Work with You

Our 8-Step Strategic Approach

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Before anything else, we want a deep understanding of your brand. We’ll ask questions, listen and uncover opportunity. We’ll evaluate your competitors, look at user experience on all channels and thoroughly vet your online brand presence. We’re digging your foundation.

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Persona Development

We’ll develop in-depth personas and map out buyers’ journeys to gain insight into your ideal customers – where they spend their time and how they make decisions. This is a key step to any successful digital marketing program.

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Where are you going? We’ll work with you to set marketing goals and KPIs that align with the broader business goals and sales goals. And we’ll make them SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timebound.

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Using the research, personas, KPIs and goals, we’ll map out a strategic digital marketing plan that identifies the right content, channels, SEO, advertising and any other tactics needed to achieve your goals and sustain growth. Strategy is your foundation.

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Tool Stacks

Our techies and digital channel gurus will identify the latest tools and systems needed to support the strategy, create efficiencies and collect the needed data to keep your program moving forward.

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Execution Plan

It’s time to grow your leads and generate revenue. Because we’re an agile agency, we’ll execute the strategy and manage the tactics based on real-time data. That means we’re flexible. When business conditions change, our plan changes. When search and social algorithms change, we adjust. When data and testing reveal opportunity, we shift to capture it. It’s a collaborative process so you’ll always see where we started and where we are headed.

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Monitor & Measure

Clients rave about our data reports! We use a comprehensive data collection system that pulls in your website traffic, leads, conversion opportunities, social channels, videos and more – all into one real-time data dashboard — so you can easily see and share how the pieces all work together. We believe in transparency. You’ll see baselines and trendlines. You’ll see what’s working, what’s not working. And most importantly, you’ll see how we aggressively monitor and measure your program effectiveness for positive ROI.

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Continuous Improvement

We’re a growth-driven, performance-based digital marketing agency. That means continuous improvement is tied to everything we do. Whether it’s a new website, email campaign or lead generating strategy, we’ll monitor data, user experience and industry trends to see where opportunity exists. We not only want you to have a solid digital foundation — we want to support your business growth strategy.


“Working with Marketing Essentials, we’ve dramatically increased our website traffic, our social media presence and our library of content. More importantly, we are getting quality conversions, knowledgeable leads and a shorter sales cycle. Because the team takes a data-driven approach to strategic planning, I feel that we can adapt effectively to an ever-changing digital world. This means a great deal to me, saves time and helps us meet our occupancy goals.”

– Terry Kovach, Assistant Marketing Director, Kendal at Oberlin